Advertise Your Product on TikTok

There's no deying that TikTok has quickly become a global phenomenon. It's now present in 150 countries and tops the app download charts in most of them. While most online businesses are now capable of running Facebook or Google campaigns, few know the potential and how to use TikTok's advertising platform.

As preferred TikTok partners, Pinzak can provide you with many services to make sure your experience advertising on TikTok is seamless and brings you the results you expect.


TikTok is Global and Still Growing

TikTok gathers more than 800 million active users every month, and its userbase grows more than 10% every quarter. It's now available in 150 countries and in 75 languages.

Users are Highly Engaged

TikTok has one of the highest engagement rate of all social platforms. 22 millions videos are watched every minute, and 48 millions are created every day. 84% of all users have posted a video at least once.

Perfect to Target GenZ and Millenials Users

TikTok is ideal if your product targets young people. 78% of its users are between the age of 16 and 34. These users spend more than 48 minutes per day on the platform, and GenZ alone is considered to account for 40% of online customers in the US.



​As a long-term established preferred TikTok partner, we can provide you with support you otherwise wouldn't have access to:

  • We can whitelist you for advanced campaign management features (deeplinks support, "true"-click measurement, etc.)

  • We can get your application prioritized for limited advertising products, new geos, and new features

  • We have a direct access to TikTok's insider information regarding new features, products, or regulations

Unlike with Facebook or Google, getting started on TikTok can be tedious and take a long time. But not with us!

  • Contracts taking care of all the legal formalities are already signed between TikTok and us; we just need to sign an IO with you (and an NDA if needed)

  • We can get new accounts approved and whitelisted in a matter of hours; and credited with funds to spend on campaign in minutes

Get Started


A good ROI most often should be your primary target when launching a campaign. With Pinzak, we can offer you deals that will make achieving a better ROI even easier:

  • We get you exclusive discounts on all your auction (bidding, self-managed) campaigns

  • We get you exclusive discounts on your branding (reservation ads, managed by TikTok directly) campaigns

  • And we don't charge you a cent for our services!


While we can run campaigns and do all the work for you to advertise on TikTok, if you already have a in-house team to take care of those, we can offer you to be your proxy agency. Here's a comparison of the services we would provide in each case:



  • Help you on-board on TikTok

  • Create all your accounts and give you access

  • Top up credit for you

  • Get you access to all necessary features and discounts

  • Arrange direct support from TikTok


  • Manage your advertising campaigns

  • Pay us for what is consumed, and we'll pay TikTok for you

No service fee

Full Service


  • Offer the same services as for the proxy agency model

  • Fully manage your advertising campaigns (creatives, optimization, etc.)

  • Report results to you daily/as needed


  • Decide budget and objectives (installs, conversions, ROI, etc.)

  • Pay us for what is consumed and we'll pay Tiktok for you

Fixed fee/%-based fee


Contact us right now and we'll get your TikTok campaigns running in just a few days!

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