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Your company is growing and you have a need to hire and train marketing/advertising specialists to run your campaigns?

You are working in the marketing industry and want to develop your skills further to obtain a more interesting job or to get a promotion?

You are an influencer and would like to learn how to grow your audience and become one of the online references in your field?

Our consulting and training services are made for you! We'll teach you and guide you for everything there is to know about strategizing, managing campaigns, growing social medias, planning and running events by making custom training plans so you can achieve your goals!


Learn how to manage and grow your SNS (Social Network Services) to promote yourself, your brand, or your company.

Build Your Image

How to build and manage your Facebook page, Twitter feed, and other SNS accounts.

The Science of Visuals

How to design and use the best images, videos, and other visuals to grow your following.

Grow Your Audience

How to increase your viewership organically and via advertising, and how to optimize campaigns.


Learn how to plan, run, and optimize digital advertising campaigns.

Planning and Targeting

How to set goals, choose the right medias, target the right users and obtain the best return on investment possible.

Platform Specific Training

How to run and optimize campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, SnapChat, and how to use basic tools like AppsFlyer.

Advanced Strategies

How to get to the next level with specific bidding strategies, using advanced tools like Nanigans, and scaling to hundreds of campaigns.


We help you establish marketing strategies, hire and train marketing staff, and more.

Strategy and Organization

How to plan the growth of your products, how to scale, and how to organize your company structure.

Recruitment and Staff Training

How to recruit and train marketing and design teams to run campaigns in the long term.

Event Planning and Management

How to go beyond traditional advertising by organizing and running online or offline events.


Learn how to grow your audience and how to monetize your content.

Expand Your Online Presence

How to establish a wider online presence and get your audience to follow you on more than just your main platform.

New Growth Tactics

How to grow your viewership outside of your normal content production activity, and how to retain new users.

Monetize Your Content

How to find and pick the right partners to earn money for your content. 



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